Patwardhan Ambewale

Patwardhan Ambewale, Ratnagiri, Devgad, Pune. is owned by Patwardhan Ambewale, Ratnagiri. The Patwardhan family from Ratnagiri is a renowned family, and people know it by the name of “Nau Patwardhan”(Nine Patwardhan) , called so after the Nine brothers from the Patwardhan family. The family has been in Mango cultivation and trading for the last three generations. The main promoter Mr. Yateen Kamalakar Patwardhan is the third generation in the mango business. The firm Patwardhan Bandhu Ambewale has been in the mango business for over 55 years, and is well known in and around Pune. Also the mangoes are being made available to the end consumers directly from the farms over the net. Now any one can Log on to the site and Order the required quantity for self use or for gifting them to your near and dear, or your business contacts, or corporate gifts.